Saturday, 8 January 2011

Just a quicky. MAXI Skirts.

ankle-skimming, Floor-skimming... It's all about any skirt (or trouser leg) Skimming something below the calf. they're cute, cool, chic and the movement you get from them is like no other. / YSL

the research for this style trend rocked by stylish individuals was the highlight of this post; waiting for an image to load anticipatively to see a maxi skirt only to find the image carefully unravelling- in a slow downward scrolling, unveiling motion to reveal knee lengths or the ever-so-close mid-calf lengths...However, I did manage to find one after a long, tedious search i decided to take a break & not try so hard & the idea blossomed into this inspiring 2011 S/S trend that has been roaming the streets since late 2010 just like finding love, it's a beautiful trend that shouldn't go unnoticed.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

look one.

This was my outfit today.We all know florals 'are for spring', florals are 'so last year' etc...but I was in the mood to play up simple with a subtle statement blazer jacket. The UGGS, which i do like was worn for more practical reasons, but I still like them. (so comfortable and warm to stave off the horrible phase of the cold, wet weather in England)

Anyway, In relation to simplicity; I am a pretty simple individual who appreciates muted, subtlety. blacks, browns, whites, creams and greys. minimal yet sophisticated...It seems that this S/S 2011 is about keeping it 'Neil': Clean, polished, solid and sophisticated, with attitude. With edge. (vivid, bright, fresh colours & beautiful new silhouettes).

Philip Lim's 2011 S/S collection has a really 'clean' aesthetic, straight cuts, strong shapes, muted (and the not-so-muted, but fresh) colours.
& my much loved CK was full of dynamic, architectural shapes, lose fitted dresses and jumpsuits. one of my favourite labels; collections. (since age 11...i've always had a thing for minimalist styles; like defined cheekbones. x)
the pieces are so bold, beautiful and inspiring in every way without the need to overwhelm the isle of the catwalk with beautiful yet; blinding hues and strong patterns. Sometimes, or for some of us- all the time, simple is just- Just perfect & necessary really...

Model of 2011:

Daphne Groeneveld
such a unique beauty, becoming the face of MIU MIU at the age of 15; 5"11
Perhaps we have another Lara Stone in the making?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The First Post.

I've been wanting to start a Fashion/art/interests blog for ages and, as this is a new year it's about time I actually carry out some of my New years resolutions.

My name is Rimike (pron: Rimi-kay) but i always go by Remi, i'm 17; 18 by June 1st
I live on the outskirts of the Lovely city called London with my two sisters & parents, i hope to use this blog as an archive, full of my inspiration of fashion through art, photography, film and music & hope to inspire others