Saturday, 8 January 2011

Just a quicky. MAXI Skirts.

ankle-skimming, Floor-skimming... It's all about any skirt (or trouser leg) Skimming something below the calf. they're cute, cool, chic and the movement you get from them is like no other. / YSL

the research for this style trend rocked by stylish individuals was the highlight of this post; waiting for an image to load anticipatively to see a maxi skirt only to find the image carefully unravelling- in a slow downward scrolling, unveiling motion to reveal knee lengths or the ever-so-close mid-calf lengths...However, I did manage to find one after a long, tedious search i decided to take a break & not try so hard & the idea blossomed into this inspiring 2011 S/S trend that has been roaming the streets since late 2010 just like finding love, it's a beautiful trend that shouldn't go unnoticed.

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